BoA Live Tour 2008 -The Face-

BoA Live Tour 2008 -The Face- / BoA

Track List

  2. Girl In The Mirror
  4. My Way, Your Way feat. WISE
  5. Bad Drive
  6. Style
  7. Sweet Impact
  8. Song With No Name ~Namae no Nai Uta~ (Song With No Name~名前のない歌~)
  9. Winter Love
  11. BRAVE
  12. Gyappu ni Yara Re Ta! (ギャップにやられた!)
  13. Happy Birthday
  14. be with you.
  15. ~OLD SKOOL MEDLEY~ Rock With You / Amazing Kiss / ID;Peace B / Shine We Are! / QUINCY / VALENTI
  16. Diamond Heart
  17. Dakishimeru (抱きしめる)
  19. Nanairo no Ashita ~brand new beat~ (七色の明日~brand new beat~)
  20. Sparkling
  21. Best Friend


This is the concert tour promoting BoA’s sixth studio album The Face. I’m going to be honest here & say that I haven’t listened to that album in its entirety yet. I’ve heard parts of it (meaning the singles & b-sides) but never sat down & listened to it from beginning to end. So, this concert served as a way for me to do that. The material in this show mostly consisted of songs from The Face. A few older tracks are also included to round out the set.

This particular show was filmed at the Tokyo International Forum Hall A. I was surprised that the seating capacity in that venue was just over 5000, the wide shots of the arena made it look bigger. It must have been hard to get a hold of ticket at the time they went on sale. I could see it being a hot item. Anyway it looked like the place was packed.

As for the concert  itself, I really liked it. (even if I wasn’t familiar with some of the songs.) The performances all looked effortless & the band was amazing. I continue to be impressed by how J-Pop songs can be transferred so easily to a live band setting. With the live arrangements surpassing the studio versions most times.

My favorite part of the show was early in the set starting from Bad Drive until the end of Sweet Impact. The look for that part was the 30’s inspired one from the Sweet Impact video. That 3 song section really showed how great of a performer BoA is. There were some insane dance sequences during that time & wow that woman can really move. The fact that she was singing the entire time was even more impressive. There were no wavering vocals or any indication that she was running out of steam. In fact, it looked like she was just getting started. The only other artists I’ve seen go at that kind of pace & sound pitch perfect were Janet Jackson & Namie Amuro.

The other performances worth noting are My Way, Your Way feat. WISE. Yeah, they do nothing but stand around on stage for 4 minutes but the song is nice.  The 3 song set from Diamond Heart until the end of Aggressive was also sweet. I especially liked Aggressive. That is one quality slice of uptempo pop.

Overall, wicked show. I do have one complaint but it’s more with the DVD authoring than the actual show. The bass level on my disc was quite strong. I’m wondering if anyone noticed that on theirs too. Even with that minor fault this is still worth watching.

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