BRATS reveal “Forget Me Not” MV from upcoming album Karma

Japanese rock band BRATS has revealed their music video “Forget Me Not,” the final new song to emerge from their upcoming second album Karma. BRATS has released eight digital singles in 2020, and “Forget Me Not” is the first new track to premiere on streaming services before being performed live.

BRATS – “Forget Me Not”


One of the BRATS’ most intense songs to date, “Forget Me Not” showcases the band’s strong, independent point of view in raw, emotional lyrics performed by vocalist Rei Kuromiya:

Forget me not
I will stab you with a cross and refuse to let you sleep
I’ll wear away my life
And return your heart there
Always look at me


Due for release on September 30, Karma will include the eight consecutive songs released in January through August 2020 (including recent singles “Ms. Downer,” “No more No more,” and “Excuser”) along with remastered tracks from their 2018 debut album BRATS. The album will be available in 4 versions:

  • CD + DVD version 1
  • CD + DVD version 2
  • CD + Band score (book)
  • CD + Band score (digital)

The band recently announced their return to live performances with a set of limited-audience concerts in August, titled “BRATS Continue.” After the first successful event on August 1 at Shibuya Star Lounge, the follow-up live stream is scheduled for August 29.

Livestream tickets for the concert are available through Zaiko, with menu options available in multiple languages. Fans who purchase a viewing ticket will be able to watch the event on-demand for three days after the live broadcast.

8/29 “BRATS Continue-2” @ Chelsea Hotel

* Limited to 50 live tickets
* Livestream replay is available for three days
* Tickets:

BRATS – Karma
Rel. 9/30/2020


1. Forget Me Not
2. Toge
3. No more No more
4. Excuser
5. Fate
6. Ms. Downer
7. Jigyakusei Loop
8. Kimarigoto – Ver. 2020
9. Lost Place – Ver. 2020
10. Doudatte Yokatta – Live ver.
11. Kimarigoto – Live ver.

Type A DVD

1. Forget Me Not (MV)
2. No more No more (Live)
3. Ms. Downer (Live)
4. Excuser (Live)
+ bonus video of 3 live tracks

Type B DVD

1. No more No more (MV)
2. Jigyakusei Loop (MV)
3. Ms. Downer – Fan Version (MV)
4. Toge (MV)
+ bonus video of 3 live tracks

Band Score download includes guitar tabs and bass tabs for eight songs from the new album.
Band Score limited edition A4 book also contains exclusive photos.

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