Brown Eyed Girls – Sixth Sense

Brown Eyed Girls Sixth Sense

Release Date: September 27, 2011

Track Listing

  1. Swing It Shorty (Intro)
  2. Sixth Sense
  3. Hot Shot
  4. La Boheme
  5.  불편한 진실
  6. Lovemotion
  7. Countdown (Interlude)
  8. Vendetta
  9. Sixth Sense (Instrumental)


After working on solo projects and a short stint in Japan the Brown Eyed Girls have returned with their 4th full length album Sixth Sense. Their first K-Pop release in 2 years. No, this is not a play on the movie of the same name and they do not see dead people. They do resurrect a sound long thought dead since they moved to Electro Pop like every other K-Pop act.

That’s right, they’ve gone back to showcasing what has been their strongest attribute, and that is their vocals. There’s no doubt that every member in this group can sing (or rap in Miryo’s case) their fine asses off.  They’ve just been buried in a heap of Electro beats for so long that maybe everyone stopped paying attention to that. On Sixth Sense you immediately find out that this is no longer the case.

In a way some of the music on Sixth Sense is similar to Ga-In’s solo work while other songs are throwbacks to early BEG. To be honest, this is a refreshing change of pace from the non-stop sound-a-like releases that flood out of current K-Pop.

The title track is the lead single and it has a bit of disco or 80’s dance club feel to it. It’s quite catchy and thankfully doesn’t drip in cheese like T-ara’s Roly Poly does. The rest of the songs have varying influences such as Latin beats (Hot Shot, 불편한 진실), 60’s retro (Vendetta), and 80’s pop. (La Boheme, Lovemotion)

Of that group of tracks Hot Shot and Vendetta are standouts that really allow the members of this group to flex their vocal muscle to the fullest.

The only problem I have with this album is that it’s too short. 7 songs (excluding the intro and interlude) are not enough to feed my BEG craving. Others may not have a strong hunger for more BEG, but I think 2 more new songs would have nice to round out things out.

For those who don’t really like the Brown Eyed Girls I would suggest taking a listen to Sixth Sense. It may change your mind about the group when you actually get to hear them sing over something other than typical K-Pop beats.

Overall, outstanding album and a welcome return.

Sixth Sense

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