BTS – Dynamite (Selective Hearing Remix)

BTS Dynamite CD Cover

Release Date: August 21, 2020
Key: E-F# Minor
BPM: 114

BTS is advertised as the next great South Korean hope to break through the American pop music market’s glass ceiling. Despite all the hype they have received, I could not understand why after numerous attempts to get into their music. I like a couple of their songs, but the group’s mystique still eluded my comprehension. That is until I heard their most recent song called Dynamite, and I somewhat got what their appeal might be.

It probably helped that the song was a little more relatable to me, with it sounding like a Charlie Puth or Justin Timberlake type of track combined with the whole Disco-Pop vibe that is popular these days.

BTS – Dynamite (2020)

[sc_embed_player_template1 fileurl=” – Dynamite (Selective Hearing Remix Instrumental).m4a”]

BTS – Dynamite (Instrumental) (2020)

Given how massively popular BTS is, finding an acapella rip and the sheet music for Dynamite was very easy. Much like every remix project I take on, I try not to re-create the wheel.

For this remix, I tried to replicate some of the original version’s sounds to keep some of the same feelings. Otherwise, I did my best to add my flavour to the song. The final result is something that has a different kind of groove but still manages to retain some of what made the original version so catchy.

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