Budo Grape celebrates UK memories with digital live EP

Japanese new wave band Budo Grape has announced a live show exclusive release of their digital EP Budo Grape Live At Brighton. The download card features 5 previously unreleased live recordings from the band’s third tour of the UK in November 2016, which included stops in Brighton, Manchester, and London.

The limited edition Budo Grape Live At Brighton download card and collectible pin badge will be available starting on January 21 at Nagoya live house Tokuzo.

Guitarist/band leader Nagai Grape: “Budo Grape held our third UK tour “B·G·U·K #3″ in November 2016 in Brighton, Manchester, London — three cities! It was a long trip for us, but it was a lot of fun, and we’re so happy our UK fans welcomed us back again. On the first day of tour, at Brighton’s Live House “Prince Albert”, we did a multi-track recording — our first live recording ever overseas. We were supported by our fans who learned Budo Grape’s songs and we got so much power from their enthusiasm. Now that we’re releasing this in Japan, it feels like we’re connecting our fans here to our fans overseas, so the power is growing even stronger. We’re looking forward to bringing all of you more music soon!”


Budo Grape Live at Brighton (digital exclusive)
Recorded at Prince Albert, Brighton, England, November 11, 2016

2. Doggie Maggie
3. Zankokuna Yasashisa
4. Hata Tatta
5. Sutten Kororin

Budo Grape Live in Brighton

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