Budo Grape vocalist Quminco guest stars on NHK’s “Tokusatsu Gagaga”

Budo Grape vocalist Quminco adds another star to her career with her recent acting role in the new NHK comedy series Tokusatsu Gagaga.

The multi-talented performer is also a professional fashion model and radio personality in her native Nagoya. Quminco appears in Tokusatsu Gagaga’s second episode in a scene with famed Japanese actress Yuki Matsushita, who plays the lead character’s mother.

Tokusatsu Gagaga, which began broadcasting on January 18 in Japan, follows Kano Nakamura, a seemingly ordinary office lady who is secretly a gigantic fan of tokusatsu TV series, and often imagines herself as a special effects hero in order to get through the difficulties of her daily life. (via Crunchyroll)

Tokusatsu Gagaga Episode 2 on NHK:

Photo by Kenji Suzuki

Budo Grape recently released their digital EP Budo Grape Live At Brighton, featuring 5 previously unreleased live recordings from the band’s third UK tour in November 2016, which included stops in Brighton, Manchester, and London. Budo Grape made their overseas debut at A-Kon in Dallas, Texas, in 2008.

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