Track Listing

2. Wonderland
3. GOTTA GETCHA -Instrumental-
2. Wonderland -Instrumental-

Bump.y have been around for a few years now, and are a group that I follow because of how interesting they are. The group is made up of five girls who also act and model as well as sing. Recently, they have set to change their image from sweet, innocent looking girls into fierce K-pop wannabe’s, and their latest single shows just what direction the girls are going in.

GOTTA GETCHA is bump.y’s fifth single as a group, with the title song being a cover of TEAM H’s [Lounge H] 2011 song, GOTTA GETCHA.

Actually, for a Japanese cover of a Korean rap song, this is pretty good. I think that bump.y really made this song their own, and I really enjoy listening to the girls take on a totally new sound, and turn it into a Japanese dance-esque song which would fit right in at a club. It’s up-beat and very tasteful, and really shows off the edgier image that bump.y have been taking on recently. I really like that they are taking on a K-pop image and maturing themselves. It’s a nice, but unexpected, change of pace from their usual sweet and innocent J-pop image that they generally portray.

But just because I’m a fan of this new bump.y and the songs they are singing, it doesn’t mean that everyone will be fond of it. This drastic change is sure to hit a nerve with some fans who prefer the sweet and innocent look of bump.y, as opposed to this more mature and cool image. But, it looks like the girls are trying to break into the K-pop industry right now, or at least attempting to bring a more Korean look to themselves for Japan so that they can stand out from the crowd. Who knows?

This is a great cover – bump.y have really pulled off this up-beat and dance-esque song, despite this being a drastic and unexpected change to the sound they usually have. It’s pleasant, and the song is great to listen to. It’s worth checking out both the original of the song and then the cover to compare how bump.y have changed it to fit to them as singers, but even with the change to the arrangement and some lyrics, you can really hear the difference in this groups sound and their energy.

Wonderland is the second track on the single, and despite the rather misleading opening, is another song that sounds like it would fit right in at the club, right next to some Hinoi Team. Like most dance songs, it’s an upbeat number with plenty of fast-paced beats and a great instrumental that you could easily get into. Like all b.umpy singles, the vocals are great and really add to the song. It’s nice to hear the girls singing something louder and more energetic than what they normally do.

This song reminds me of my Happy Hardcore music days, back when I was a wee lass and enjoyed some dance tunes to head bang to. It’s nice to have a reminiscent sound in a Japanese single, and I think that bump.y have, once again, pulled it off well. This more mature image that they are taking on has really peaked my interest, and I hope to hear more of this sort of music from the girls, because iI really think that it suits them.

It’s their first single of 2012, and I really think that bump.y have hit off to a great start! If you have a chance to listen to the single at all, or even just the A-side, the check out the video above and see if you enjoy this new bump.y as much as I do!

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