Buono! – co no mi chi

co. no. mi. chi / Buono!

I first heard this while watching Buono! at Ameba Studio.  It follows the now very familiar mix of girlie pop and rock that is the Buono! sound.  I did some homework & found out that this is a Tsunku production, which I find strange because it doesn’t really sound like one to me.

Again, I’m thinking it’s just me but these days I always expect to hear male grunting or random English phrases when I hear one of his compositions.  There’s small traces of that here, but not enough to make it an easily recognizable Tsunku beat.

The video is an enjoyable bit of blue screen silliness with locations that include places like London, The Arctic, a beach & a corn field.  Yes, a corn field.  I never thought a corn field would be so awesome until I saw this video.

Overall, another great track from Buono!

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