Buono! – My Boy

My Boy / Buono!

My Boy is Buono’s 7th single.  It’s a dance pop/rock hybrid that stays within their sound but manages to sound fresh.  I’m wondering if it’s because this song has a higher BPM (200, from my calculations)  from their other songs that it sounds so different.

I don’t think I’ve ever heard a pop song anywhere close to that BPM range before.  Dance tracks, yes.  But those were like those hardcore, bass bin killing type of songs with no lyrics or any other audible instrumentation.  Pop songs, no.. Not that I can remember.

My Boy definitely grabs your attention right away.  It’s a got very strong rhythm section, some nice crunchy guitars & I even liked the high pitched, squeaky synth line that played at the beginning of the song & just after the chorus sections (I usually hate that kind of stuff).

The groups vocal harmonies are nice (if not a little robotic now), but at least their voices blend well together.  Individually they don’t sound out of place on this kind of song at all.

The video was very surprising.  It actually has a story & it makes total sense.  (I guess that Elder Club money is going somewhere now.) I don’t think the thing they broke into the museum for was worth all that effort.  It looked like it was put together at the last minute.  I guess there was no room in the budget for a nice cake?  Or at least a not so half-assed cake?

But seeing the group acting like thieves & sneaking around made up for that.  If Airi were much older I would have liked to seen her go through the lasers like Catherine-Zeta Jones in Entrapment.  Again, just a thought, don’t take it too seriously. =)  Still, this was better than seeing another dance shot/close-up video.  The other high point of the video for me was Miya. She looks pretty fucking hot with that short hair cut. (Just saying.)

Buono can seemingly do no wrong right now.  This is a great track.

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