Buono – Natsu Dakara

Buono Natsu Dakara

Release Date: July 20, 2011

Track Listing

  1. Natsu Dakara
  2. Ice Mermaid
  3. Natsu Dakara (Instrumental)


Natsu Dakara is Buono’s 12th single and it was released about a month before their Partenza mini-album. This is exactly as advertised. A breezy, chilled out summer song that is reminiscent of old school Hello! Project. Particularly the Tanpopo kind of sound.

Buono has always managed to have some decent to great mid to low tempo songs and Natsu Dakara continues the trend. This song may be a bore to those who expect them to rock out 24/7. For everyone else, it’s a nice break from their hyper, girl rock songs.

The b-side Ice Mermaid goes back to their signature sound . It’s kind of all over the place with various musical influences throughout each part of the song. It oddly works for the most part. Some might find it a bit disjointed I think. It’s not the best b-side that they have released but you can’t have them hitting home runs all the time right?

Overall Natsu Dakara is another solid single from Buono. While not that big of a sound shift as what would come later with Partenza, it’s a more accurate representation of what’s on that album.

Natsu Dakara Limited A

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Natsu Dakara Limited B

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Natsu Dakara Regular Edition

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Natsu Dakara Single V

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