Buono! – Our Songs

Our Songs / Buono!

Release Date: February 3, 2010

Track Listing

  1. Our Songs
  2. Miracle Happy Love Song
  3. Our Songs (Instrumental)
  4. Miracle Happy Love Song (Instrumental)


Buono’s 10th single continues where Bravo Bravo left off. While not as immediately attention grabbing as their previous single it is a fairly solid track that most people will likely call their favorite song of the moment.  The track is full of the familiar bits that we all love about Buono! such as the tight harmonies and the up tempo Pop/Rock hybrid sound.

Compared to their impressive catalog of singles it would most likely rank somewhere in the middle of the pack. Not to say that the song is in any way bad. I find it quite catchy and think it would be a great addition to the live sets they do with their band. It just seems to be missing something that songs like Bravo Bravo had to take it over the top.

The video does make up for the lack of presence the song has. It’s not overly spectacular and mostly consists of close ups and dance shots (like every other H!P video) but it served its purpose. I did notice a few things and I’ll get the most glaring observation out the way first, and this will probably make me sound like a perv.

I’ve always found Airi to be cute (no pun intended), but when did she become hot? Really? It’s like a transformation from the Shock! and Bravo Bravo videos & now she’s kind of competing with Miya for the hotness title in Buono! I pretty much wasn’t looking anywhere in Momo’s direction (sorry Momo fans) except to see what it said on her shirt. All I got was the word “bitch” Anyone have any idea what it says before that? Again, the video is not spectacular but I found the eye candy enticing.

The b-side is Miracle Happy Love Song. Strangely this is actually better than the a-side on this package. It has that certain quality that I had mentioned was missing from Our Songs. It still follows the typical Buono! sound but is a much more engaging listening experience. I believe that this should have been the a-side instead. If it were the video would probably not amount to much, but the accompanying song would be much better.

Overall, Our songs was alright but I recommend picking this up for the awesomeness that is Miracle Happy Love Song instead.

Normal Edition (Japan Version)

Limited Edition (Single + DVD)

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