Buono! – Sherbet

Buono Sherbet

Release Date: August 22, 2012

Track Listing

  1. Fever
  2. Go! Go! Gooda
  3. Hatsukoi Cider
  4. Mirai Drive
  5. Believe
  6. Natsu no Hoshizora
  7. Never Gonna Stop


Buono’s second mini-album comes just over a year after their first. Unlike Partenza there are no experiments into what some called the K-Popification of the group. Instead there is a return to the trusty Girl Pop/Rock sound that is their signature.

This is most likely a welcome return for most fans. After all, if it ain’t broke why try to fix it? Personally, I didn’t mind the early parts of Partenza but I was in the minority. (As I usually am when it comes to anything H!P these days.)

After watching Buono’s R.E.A.L. concert tour I understand why there was the switch back to what works. Electro Pop just doesn’t get an H!P crowd as excited. A shame really but with that said, they sure as hell made the return to familiar territory worth it.

Many of the uptempo songs showcase Buono! at their idol rock girl peak with Fever, Go! Go! Goda and Never Gonna Stop leading the way. I was disappointed that Go! Go! Goda was so damn short. If there was ever a prime candidate for a single from this album besides Hatsukoi Cider, this was it. Deep Mind also seemed to be MIA as well. That song would have fit well within the set of early tracks.

The one ballad on Sherbet (Natsu no Hoshizora) is nice and all but will probably end up in the lower tier of the slower songs that Buono! has done. It didn’t really grab my attention that much, but it’s best to decide for yourself and see where it ranks among your favorite Buono! ballads.

Mirai Drive was the only song on this album that felt kind of out of place. It’s very pop compared to everything else, but still a worthy track to listen to. It sort of has a little bit of an R&B swing to it. Not a lot mind you, but just a little bit. Some may find the high pitched synth sounds a little annoying so be aware of that.

Even though Sherbet covers well worn ground it’s definitely an album that plays well to the strengths of the group. Hopefully their next album is a full-length one that manages to push the group out of their comfort zone again.

Sherbet (Regular Edition)

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Sherbet (Limited Edition)

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