Release Date: September 21, 2016

Track Listing


  1. So La Si Do ~Nee Nee~ (Music Video)
  2. So La Si Do ~Nee Nee~ (Dance Shot Ver.)
  3. Rock no Seichi (Recording Ver.)


  1. So La Si Do ~Nee Nee~ (ソラシド~ねえねえ~)
  2. Rock no Seichi (ロックの聖地)
  3. So La Si Do ~Nee Nee~ (Instrumental)
  4. Rock no Seichi (Instrumental)


After over 4 years, Buono! returns with the release of their 14th (DVD) single. It was on sale for a brief period on August 25 during Buono! Festa 2016, and was released officially on September 21st.

So La Si Do ~Nee Nee~ is the starting number for this single, and brings us back to the refreshing side of Buono!, reminiscent of their later, less rock-heavy songs. It makes for a fun summer tune, and is probably one of the better “bright” Buono! songs.

Rock no Seichi is introduced as the answer song to Buono!’s classic, Rock no Kami-sama from 2008, raising the bar quite a bit for the new song. Rock no Kami-sama has been well-loved since back then for a very good reason; it’s catchy, fun, and captures the very essence of Buono! Despite the similarity in the rock-flavored instrumental backing, and even the iconic “PATI” break in the middle of the song, Rock no Seichi’s melody just isn’t as crack-laced as the song it’s answering to.

Both songs are noticeably Buono!-like and pretty decent, but aren’t quite infused in that idol rock umami that the group’s shown off before. That being said, this single is probably more for a “YAY! Buono! is back! Not all hope is lost!” feeling than anything else. And in that aspect, it does a good job. After all, anyone who’s loved Buono! before should get excited once they hear those three voices together again.

So La Si Do ~Nee Nee~ / Rock no Seichi