Buono! – Take It Easy / Bravo Bravo

Buono Take It EasyBuono’s 8th single is a departure from their typical sound and enters into what sounds like a Country/Pop crossover.  I had delayed for a long time in writing this up since at first I didn’t like this song at all.  I honestly could not find a nice thing to say about it.  I absolutely loved every song they have put out until this came out.

But being one to not give up so easily go I decided to put it on repeat, listen carefully & see if I could find some redeeming qualities.  And actually the song isn’t as bad as I had first thought it was.  I did like Airi & Miyabi’s vocals but found Momoko’s to be a little too.. Uh… Squeaky is the best way I can describe them.

The track as a whole is pretty catchy & while not exactly my cup of tea I found it enjoyable enough.

The video kind of has a plot where the girls are going on a day trip. Momo leaves her bag on the bus and runs after it but fails to make it stop. It doesn’t seem to be a huge loss as she gets over it pretty quickly. After a quick jaunt through town they make it to the beach for some food & some singing by the seaside.

I have no idea what they’re screaming into the sunset at the end of the video, I’m assuming it’s something like “Ganbatte!” but I could be wrong. I don’t even know who or what they’re waving at but I don’t think it really matters.

Take It Easy RE

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Take It Easy Single V

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Buono Bravo Bravo Cover ABuono’s 9th single is a return to the up tempo girlie Pop/Rock they are known for. Unlike Take It Easy I took an immediate liking to this song. Perhaps it’s because it was a return to a Buono! I was more comfortable with.

You can tell from the opening lines of  “P A T I! PA T I!” (Party! Party!) that this would be a pretty rocking track.  I was happy to notice Momoko’s vocals were not so high pitched and squeaky on this song. I have no other complaints with the vocals  at all this time around.

Bravo Bravo is  similar in tone to songs like My Love and Nakimushi Shonen which I consider to be a great thing.  While it probably won’t rank as high as those songs in my favorites I still think it’s a solid track.

The video shows 2 sides of Buono! The cute cheerleader types and the glammed up rock girls. While the cute cheerleader thing was alright I tend to gravitate towards the glam. I just happen to like the look a lot more & damn if Airi doesn’ look totally different.  Kind of how like she was styled for C-ute’s Namido no Iro but not as obviously slutty or jail bait- like.

Again we get shots of the girls kind of playing instruments. Like many others I think it would  be epic if one day if the 3 members actually did stand up on stage & play an entire song by themselves. One can only dream.

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