Buono! – The Best Buono!

The Best Buono! / Buono!

Limited Edition 2CD + DVD

The Best Buono! / Buono!

Regular Edition CD Only

Release Date: August 10, 2010

Track Listing

Disc 1

  1. We are Buono! ~ Buono! のテーマ
  2. 恋愛 ライダー
  3. Bravo☆Bravo
  4. 消失点 -Vanishing Point-
  5. ホントのじぶん
  6. Take It Easy!
  7. Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!
  8. ロックの神様 (2010 mix version)
  10. ロッタラ ロッタラ
  11. MY BOY
  12. Café Buono!
  13. 泣き虫少年 (2010 mix version)
  14. Blue Sky Blue
  15. Our Songs
  16. Last Forever (2010 mix version)
  18. カタオモイ。
  19. ゴール

Disc 2

  1. こころのたまご
  2. じゃなきゃもったいない!
  3. みんなだいすき
  4. れでぃぱんさぁ
  5. マイラブ
  6. 無敵の∞パワー
  7. ワープ!
  8. キライスキダイキライ
  9. -Winter Story-


After 3 full length albums Buono’s best of album was released containing almost all of their singles (co no mi chi was omitted for some unknown reason) and some of their more popular album cuts. The 2 CD version also comes with a 2nd disc containing every b-side to date.

Being that this is a compilation there isn’t much to actually review so to speak. Most Hello! Project fans know of them and rank Buono! among their top current groups so there’s not much  ground to cover really. For those unfamiliar with this group it is comprised of 2 members of Berryz Koubou (Tsugunaga Momoko & Natsuyaki Miyabi) and one member of C-ute (Suzuki Airi) and their sound is a Pop/Rock hybrid that leans heavily towards the pop side most times.

With that said listening to the entire thing from start to finish was an interesting journey. None of the songs are in chronological order like many best of albums are. It’s structured more like a concert set instead. While it would be have been nice to hear how the group has progressed from their start to now, the random layout of songs was also good.

The 2010 mixes included on the first disc have new arrangements of fan favorites Rokku no Kamisama, Nakimushi Shounen and Last Forever and are worth checking out at least once. If you’re going to be picky, go straight for Rokku no Kamisama right away.

The second disc is (arguably) where the better songs are. Some fans (myself included) believe that the b-side songs are much better than the a-side singles. With songs like Janakyamottainai, My Love, Lady Panther and Miracle Happy Love Song it’s hard to not think that way. But either way there’s enough content here to keep every Buono! fan happy.

The Best Buono! Limited Edition (2CD + DVD)

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The Best Buono! Regular Edition (CD Only)

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