Buono! – We Are Buono

We are Buono! / Buono!

Regular Edition (CD Only)

We are Buono! / Buono!

Limited Edition (CD + DVD)

Release Date: February 2, 2010

Track Listing

  1. One Way = My Way
  2. Our Songs
  3. Independent Girl ~Dokuritsu Joshi de Arutame ni~
  4. My Boy
  5. Urahara
  6. Take It Easy!
  7. Bravo Bravo
  8. Kataomoi
  9. Blue-Sky-Blue
  10. Kocha no Oishii Mise
  11. Tabidachi no Uta
  12. We Are Buono! ~Buono no Theme~


Hello! Project’s resident rock girls (or as close as you can get to some) return with their third album We Are Buono! Who would have thought they would have their 3rd album by now? Be honest, because I thought they were going to be a one-shot group.

But it’s a good thing that they aren’t because they’re one of the best things going within the Hello! Project at the moment. The songs on We Are Buono! don’t deviate too much from their now well formulated sound.

There are the surprises such as Take It Easy! which goes into sort of country-like territory and the Beatles sound-a-like Tabidachi no Uta. With the latter at least it’s an influence rather than a direct take like Goal was on Coldplay.

Otherwise, it’s the standard Buono! goodness that fans have come to know and love and they continue to prove why they are one of the few consistent groups in the H!P roster. Arguably the best album out of the Hello! Project camp in 2010.

We Are Buono Regular Edition (CD Only)

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We Are Buono  Limited Edition (CD + DVD)

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