Buono! – Zassou no Uta


Normal Edition


Limited Edition

Release Date: February 2, 2011

Track Listing

  1. Zassou no Uta
  2. Runaway Train
  3. Juicy Heart



Zassou no Uta is Buono’s 11th single and the first under the Zetima label.

Surprise! Buono! is back with a new single and they came at a ripe time where the singles start to ramp up and we can see how they can compare to other acts. Translated as Weed Song or Song of Weeds, it has nothing with weeds it is a great flower with Buono! singles. It has a great rock flavor which I am fan of and the familiarity with alternative acts gives me a warm feeling inside. However, the whole CD is brilliant and probably the best overall for a while for me anyways. Runaway Train is the best of the three songs with a modern rock beat and catchy lyrics.

The PV for the single was pretty simple and rock music and fixing cars are great… with limits (you know what I mean lol) The Juicy Heart PV was bad, singing on a yacht and a house eating pizza, it made no sense at all.

In conclusion, Buono! is back after leaving Pony Canyon and a year off with their respective groups which cranked out one single each.

You cannot pass up an opportunity for three incredible songs.


After a year break Buono! returns with Zassou no Uta and it does not disappoint. For all you K-Pop people this is what I would consider a comeback. Gone for a long time, & they come back. Not gone for 2 weeks between singles & then releasing a new song to promote & calling it a “comeback”.

Anyway, with that rant out of the way I will say that if you’re familiar with Buono!’s sound you’re not going to hear anything different, but despite that this continues their streak of awesomeness. They are so consistent that the trend of the b-sides being better than the a-side also occurs here.

While Zassou no Uta is a rocking track it is pretty much blasted out of the water by Runaway Train and Juicy Heart. With Runaway Train being the standout on this package of songs. If this is what we can expect out of Buono! in 2011 I think we’re in for some great stuff in the future.

As for the PV’s? Um… Well I agree with Kuro in that Zassou no Uta is much more interesting but probably not for the same reasons as him. I probably would not trust any of these girls to fix my car (especially Momo) but I would like them to wash my car… In bikinis… With lots of soap…. Yeah… Uh.. What? Oh… Sorry, kind of went off track. My apologies. =) (I kid. I kid.)

This video is also notable for Miya’s hair, especially her Minnie Mouse type do. But points for the different looks.

Juicy Heart was not so good. It looked like it tried to take the blingly elements of Hip-Hop videos with conventional idol pop. I was kind of expecting to see a Pizza-La product placement somewhere to be honest. I was kind of sad that Runaway Train didn’t get a PV as well. But yeah… Kind of a small chip in the armor of Buono! but it’s nothing major.

Overall I can say that I am very happy all three songs & one PV in this package. Combine this with Mano Eri’s effort earlier in the year and H!P continues to be on the right track.

Buono! – Zassou no Uta (Normal Edition)

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Buono! – Zassou no Uta (Limited Edition)

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