C-ute – (2) Cute Shinsei Naru Best Album

(2) Cute Shinsei naru Best Album

Release Date: November 21, 2012

Track Listing

  1. Massara Blue Jeans (2012 Shinseinaru Ver.)
  2. Soku Dakishimete (2012 Shinseinaru Ver.)
  3. Ooki Ai de Motenashite (2012 Shinseinaru Ver.)
  4. Wakkyanai (Z) [2012 Shinseinaru Ver.]
  5. Sakura Chirari (2012 Shinseinaru Ver.)
  6. Jump (2012 Shinseinaru Ver.)
  7. Tokkaiko Junjou (2012 Shinseinaru Ver.)
  8. Lalala Shiawase no Uta (2012 Shinseinaru Ver.)
  9. Namido no Iro (2012 Shinseinaru Ver.)
  10. Edo no Temari Uta II (2012 Shinseinaru Ver.)
  11. Seishun Song (2012 Shinseinaru Ver.)
  12. Dance De Bakoon
  13. Kiss Me Aishiteru
  14. Sekaiichi Happy na Onna no ko
  15. Kimi wa Jitensha Watashi wa Densha de Kitaku
  16. Daisuki no Imi wo Oishite


When word came out that C-ute were remaking their own songs I was excited.  After all, the members of this group are now young women and mostly no longer sound like helium filled squeak toys when they sing.

With this renewal of their hits also comes a facelift in regards to production.  While many of these tracks are perfectly fine in their original forms, there’s nothing wrong with a little updating to freshen things up.

Many cringe when the see the word “re-arrange” or (<insert year here> version) and with good reason.  Sometimes it’s a case of going to the well one too many times, where other times the output is considered too extreme of a departure from what made the original great.

C-ute fans need not worry here.  Much of what you recognize from C-ute’s expansive catalog is retained and there are no trips off to weird and wonderful worlds that are unfamiliar to an idol fan’s ears.  That means no excursions into 10 minute instrumental Electronica or loud heavy guitar driven head banging Rock.

You still get that taste of Hello! Project branded idol pop but with a twist.  I’m sure some of you have watched a H!P concert where sometimes there’s a different version of a familiar tune to keep the fans on their toes?  Think of this album as a bunch of those songs.

All of the re-arranged versions are great, with Massara Blue Jeans, Namido no Iro and Edo no Temari Uta II getting the most extreme and successful updating done to them.  Namido no Iro in particular is one hell of a change.  It’s much more aggressive than the original with the Latin dance-like percussion pushing the track.

Unfortunately there are no changes to some of their latest songs and that’s a shame.  I’m pretty sure there could be something done with Kiss Me Aisheteru to make it even more insanely hyper.  I would have preferred that over Seishun Song.

There is one new offering on this album and it’s the last song on the disc.  It sounds a bit like it belongs on Chou Wonderful 6 (a good thing by the way.) and it should satisfy those who are fans of that album.

In the end this was actually a brilliant idea executed perfectly.  Normally you don’t hear me say that about anything H!P related but you have to give props when they’re deserved.  Let’s hope that Berryz are next in line for the self-remake treatment.  It would be interesting to hear some of their tracks updated in this same manner.

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