C-ute – Aitai Lonely Christmas

Aitai Lonely Christmas / C-ute

Normal Edition

Aitai Lonely Christmas / C-ute

Jacket A

Aitai Lonely Christmas / C-ute

Jacket B

Release Date: December 12, 2010

Track Listing

  1. Aitai Lonely Christmas
  2. Seishun Mugen Power
  3. Aitai Lonely Christmas (Instrumental)


  • Aitai Lonely Christmas (Christmas House Version) [Jacket A]
  • Aitai Lonely Christmas (Christmas Night Version) [Jacket B]


C-ute’s final release of 2010 is Aitai  Lonely Christmas and it’s another up tempo dance song.  It’s less joyful in mood than their previous single (Dance de Bakoon!) which I guess should be obvious from the title.

It’s a good song that should please many of their fan base.  While not up to par with some of the songs from their fellow H!P groups at this time of the year (Berryz has them beat with Shining Power), it’s still better than anything on the failed experiment that was Shocking 5.  As for the b-side?  I wouldn’t bother it’s fairly “meh”.

The time of  letting the other members sing lead has passed with the past few singles and we are back to the status quo of the Airi  & Maimi show with the others given a token line here & there.  I have absolutely no problem with that whatsoever.  If things aren’t broken, don’t try to fix them.

Aitai Lonely Christmas (Normal Edition)

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Aitai Lonely Christmas (Jacket A)

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Aitai Lonely Christmas (Jacket B)

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