C-ute – Bye Bye Bye!

Bye Bye Bye! is C-ute’s 8th major label single and no, it’s not a cover of N-Sync.

Compared to their previous releases it’s not exactly awe inspiring. But if you compare it to what Berryz & Momosu have been doing it does stand out.

There’s a strong 80’s dance club kind of vibe that makes the song much more interesting, especially for those who dig that type of sound. There are some neat vocal effects that are used just before the pre-chorus. At least I think they were effects because they kind of sound like audio glitches.

The stuttering effect on the chorus and the background vocals at the end of the song were for real & were some nice touches.

I could see this fitting in with the soundtrack for Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. Actually I think it would be cool to start some mayhem & get a 5 star cop chase going with this song blasting in the background. Put within that context Bye Bye Bye! isn’t that bad.

The video unfortunately, isn’t so much fun. It’s a standard dance shot in front of a well I guess a not so cheap background (some of that Elder Club money went to fancy lights for that Bye Bye Bye! sign in the background).

The dance itself is alright if not somewhat awkward in some parts. During the break section there was a little bit of the MC Hammer shuffle going on (kind of like a half speed version) & I think parachute pants would have been an awesome addition had they actually all gone all out on that.

Otherwise I think the hand waving thing they do when they sing “Bye Bye Bye!” was my favorite part of the dance sequence.

In addition to the dance shot there were just random close-up shots which really added no value to the video to itself & seemed kind of tacked on. A straight up dance version probably would have been sufficient.

In the end, the song is good (not great), the video is kinda meh…

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