C-ute – Everyday Zekkocho!

C-ute Everyday Zekkouchou

Everyday Zekkocho is C-ute’s 10th single and last for Umeda Erika.  The first thought that popped into my mind when I heard this song was “Why does this sound like an EXILE song?”  Seriously.  This sounds like a popped up version of an EXILE beat.  Not that I mind because I dig me the EXILE so if the producers of this song took some inspiration from them then it’s all good to me.

With that said this is one hell of a catchy track.  It’s much better than their previous single (which was too cutesy sounding for my ears) and is more in line with what the other groups of H!P’s big 3 have been releasing.  As always Maimi & Airi handle the majority of the vocal duties with the other members of the group getting tossed a line every once in while.  I think I heard Erika sing one line in this entire track.  I figured she would get something more considering it’s her last song with the group & all.  Oh well.

As for the video…  There isn’t much to it since it’s basically another dance shot/close-up kind of deal. I guess dancing on a giant black slab on a random rooftop passes for a decent video concept now.    The scenery is nice, it just didn’t seem very inspired for a song such as this.  But it’s not all bad since the girls look pretty damn good in this.  It’s nice seeing them regular clothes instead of some silly costumes or matching outfits.

With this being Erika’s last video you figure she would get somewhere close to center but she seems to have been relegated to her usual tall, pretty girl spot in the back.  Although she does get up front in one shot & there are a few close ups of her here & there.  Better than nothing I guess.  For the few shots that she is seen exclusively she looks pretty hot, so maybe this whole leaving H!P for modeling may work out for her.

Another thing I noticed is that Airi is kind of tall.  Something that never occured to me since I’m used to seeing her standing next to people who are shorter than her.  Has she always been that tall?  Lastly, is it just me or is Nakajima getting kind of hot now?  She’s always been cute but, damn… She’s developing into some nice eye candy.  Sorry to make it sound all pervy & all but I call things as I see them.

Anyway, great song but blah video.

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