C-ute – Kiss Me Aishiteru PV

C-ute Kiss Me Aisheteru

Hello! Project has unleashed the video for C-ute’s first 2011 release, Kiss Me Aisheteru. I won’t review the song in full since there’s a separate article coming up on that later but I can say that I think it’s some good stuff. C-ute always seems to excel with these hyper Euro beat inspired songs.

This video pretty much follows the standard H!P formula. Group dance shot here, close-up there, wash, rinse and repeat. If you’re stretching for more material & calling this “another glorious effort” you’ve been drowning in the H!P Kool-Aid a little too long. How about coming up for air?

What is actually different about this is the group’s image. We’ve seen them pull the more mature looks before with Namida no Iro and Aitai Lonely Christmas but this is a slightly sexualized version. Gone are fashionable outfits & in are the hoochie hot pants and tube tops.

I was waiting for the poles to lower from the ceiling sometime during the video but that didn’t happen. Perhaps in the next one?

Anyway, this wardrobe selection doesn’t exactly work for everyone. Let’s get the obvious out of the way & say that hot pants & Maimi = Heavenly. Otherwise, Airi & Nakky also look pretty good. It’s the other 2 who don’t quite fit the image.

To add to that thought here is an observation from a friend on Twitter (who shall remain anonymous):

They really dont have the bodies to be wearing those outfits :S

I agree with this with the exception of Maimi. Again, hot pants + Maimi = Heavenly.

Outside of the outfits there’s not much to say really. They dance, kiss an apple while sitting in a fancy Men In Black waiting room styled chair, dance again. Yeah…

I would like to know what kind of headphones they’re all wearing in the close-up shots. Those look pretty snazzy.

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