C-ute – Momoiro Sparkling

C-ute Momoiro Sparkling Limited A

Release Date: June 1, 2011

Track Listing

  1. Momoiro Sparkling
  2. Faraway
  3. Momoiro Sparkling (Instrumental)

Single V Tracklisting

  1. Momoiro Sparkling MV
  2. Momoiro Sparkling MV Making Of


It’s only been a month since Cute’s 6th album Chou wonderful was released and we already have a brand new single in the form of Momoiro Sparkling. With a summer release comes a light, fluffy and fun kind of song. The question is will you be bumping this out of your car window with the volume at 11?

Well I will, but I like freaking out my neighbors by cranking out idol pop to drown out their crappy Shit-Hop and low rent pop. But that’s besides the point. The answer to the question is absolutely yes. This should be played many times and at an appropriate maximum volume level for where you are.

Sure Momoiro Sparkling has probably a little too much happy juice going on but that’s alright as it doesn’t go way overboard like other summer releases. Those who like some of the older C-ute songs may enjoy this a lot more than those who enjoy their more recent Euro Pop dance songs. But I believe this should cater to all C-ute fans no matter what their personal preference is.

The b-side Faraway was unexpected. It sounded like it belonged more on Morning Musume’s Platinum 9 Disc and it’s quite strange to hear C-ute on a song such as this. Unlike Momoiro Sparkling this was more laid back.

To get all poetic in describing it, I think of Faraway as something to sit back & chill to while having an adult beverage (or cola if you’re underage) and a joint (or second hand smoke if you’re underage) while staring blankly into the distance dreaming of meeting Airi or Maimi. A little too vivid? Maybe, but I think you get my point.

In the end this is another successful outing for C-ute.

Momoiro Sparkling (Normal Edition)

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Momoiro Sparkling (Limited A)

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Momoiro Sparkling (Limited B)

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Momoiro Sparkling (Single V)

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