C-ute to Disband in June 2017

The Announcement

C-ute 01

On August 19th it was announced that Hello! Project’s most senior group (in age) C-ute will disband after their Saitama Super Arena performance in June of 2017. This decision came after much internal discussion between the members and management about the future of the group.

They have made an emphasis on this not being a break up or a suspension of activities. This will be the disbandment of the group. They will continue to participate in the current Hello! Project tour but will not be part of the Winter tour that starts in January.

Their final Hello! Project Concert Tour performance of 2016 will be in Hiroshima.

More about this announcement can be found on the UP-FRONT LINK Facebook page


Bye Bye Bye

Well this announcement was going to come sooner or later. I guess sooner has been the concensus given the reaction of H!P fans. With the youngest member Hagiwara Mai coming of age every member of C-ute is officially an adult. And with that they have all made the decision to go their separate ways and pursue their individual dreams and aspirations. Whatever you may believe the root cause of the break up is, they are at least going out on their own terms and are not being shoved out of the spotlight unwillingly.

For me, C-ute was the last of the groups that I really got into during my time in the Hello! Project fandom. They were all so young back then and none of their songs truly appealed to me like the other Hello! Project groups.

It wasn’t until Tokaikko Junjou that I started to get on board with what they were doing and I went along for the ride. As they got older and matured so did the sound of their songs for the most part. Not all of what they did hit the mark, but there was at least a somewhat distinct C-ute type of sound that kind of separated them from the rest of the Hello! Project roster that tended to just blend to the point of indifference between the groups.

I’m not really saddened by the end of C-ute. I haven’t been heavily involved in the Hello! Project fandom for years so I haven’t generated the emo that others have in regards to this announcement. I actually commend the decision to call this an actual break up, dissolution, disbandment or what have you. At least someone had the cojones not to sugar coat the truth.

C-ute 02

However, I am going to be feeling some regret over not ever seeing them live either in Japan or elsewhere. I will probably not complete the trifecta after seeing Morning Musume and Berryz Kobou live previously. That will suck, but I’ll get over it.

So I guess enjoy C-ute while you can and start planning your flight to Japan in 2017.

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