Calgary Expo 2012 Day 3

A quiet Sunday for me at the final day of the con with one more Star Trek panel & a photo op to go. Much like before a stop at the park & ride & a hop aboard the train. This time I was entertained by a homeless man hitting on women. Dude was laying his game on thick too. It was funny. When I got to the BMO Centre there was a huge line going around the building. Word on the street was that people started lining up at 07:30 because of the story on the news about the con being oversold.

This seemed to surprise a lot of people but I found it quite normal having been around people who are willing to camp out for days ahead of events. The other thing I heard a lot of was bitching about the length of the line & the lack of information about where to go & what to do. The latter I can agree with to an extent. The former not at all. Really people. Do you expect to bypass the rules just because you showed up with your pass? Get over yourselves & patiently wait like you’re supposed to. All I was thinking was, “Fucking rookies!” in my head the entire time.

Once the line started moving things started to go at a faster pace & within 20 minutes I was in the building. I immediately headed to the Corral to get a seat for the next Star Trek panel featuring the trio of Michael Dorn, Jonathan Frakes & Mirina Sirtis. When I found a decent seat I found out I was in the latter half of the Futurerama panel. That was some funny shit & I wished I had left home earlier to see the entire thing. Anyway, the Star Trek panel was just as funny as it consister of the 3 moderating the panel themselves. There was plenty of goofing off on stage with Dorn & Frakes taking turns taking pictures of the crowd & each other.

When they weren’t doing that the 3 discussed topics such as the Gargoyles cartoon, the cast picking on each other’s quirks, what cars they bought when they got their Star Trek gig and the Worf/Riker/Troi love triangle. This panel was just as funny as the one on Saturday & again much too short.

After that the eternal struggle to get to my next photo op. I really hate slow walkers & people who stop in the middle of traffic. They really made it difficult to navigate the con. At least today there were designated traffic lanes to help keep the flow going in an orderly manner. Some people didn’t exactly follow those lanes (like Filipino traffic) but at least there was less confusion as to where you should be walking.

Eventually I made my way to the photo op area & camped out until they called the name of the person I was waiting for was called. This was a much smoother process than yesterday. No bottlenecks, no shoving through crowds of people unwilling to make way. Much better all around. After a very long wait I got my pic with some restrictions. Stand next to the chair, no physical contact, & don’t ask dude to do anything.

Luckily the process of getting the pic after was much faster. I guess the printers didn’t explode. There was a special announcement of a special guest doing a photo op at the end of the con. That person was Q himself, John Delancie. This was an opportunity that could not be missed so I stayed til the bitter end to get my pic with him.

After that the end of the con.

Final Verdict

This was my first Calgary Expo & there was some dangerous overcrowding & lack of traffic control. They at least rectified many of the more dangerous issues quickly or at least they tried. Perhaps a little too late, but whatever. Question is would I go back next year? Uncertain. I think a bigger venue or use of more buildings on the Stampede grounds might be needed to help spread out the crowds and prevent bunching and possible incidents of fire marshal worthy intervention.

I guess it also depends on who the guests are and whether other conventions offer something more enticing instead. But if I have nothing better to do next spring then yeah, why not go again? At least I have an idea of what to expect.

The full image gallery from the weekend can be found here.

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