When Worlds Collide

Morning Musume and AKB48 recently performed together, on the same stage for a televised charity event in Japan. Was it a momentous, peace bringing occasion or a total let down? […]


Saving Morning Musume

To finish off the series of thoughts on the upcoming Morning Musume graduation, a proposal on the what should happen after the 9th generation auditions are completed. […]


There Will Be Blood

AKB48 is making their way to Anime Expo this year. With the often rumored appearance of Mano Erina looming, is it a good idea to have H!P and AKB fans in the same place? […]


Melon’s Dead

After 10 years together Melon Kinenbi is disbanding. Their last official show as a group will be on May 3rd. Here are my thoughts on this sad bit of news. […]


Shooting Yourself In The Foot

There seems to be a bit of an issue with Anime Expo’s upper management and their actions that could adversely affect this years convention for those expecting some high quality musical acts to show up. […]


A Line In The Sand

The following is inspired by a series of posts on International Wota. What I am about to say may or most likely will offend anyone involved in this issue. […]


How Dedicated Are You?

The following is my take on what may be a serious topic to others but something I find completely ridiculous most times. I don’t mean to offend anyone but I apologize in advance if you feel that way after reading this. […]