Selective Hearing takes a go at playing AKB48's latest dating simulation game on the PS VITA and tries not to get rejected by idols.

Selective Hearing takes a look at the first 13 episodes of the Fuji TV reality show Terrace House.

AKB0048 is about a post-Earth intergalactic society where entertainment is banned. In the 48th year of this new world order the popular idol group AKB48 is resurrected as an interplanetary troupe made up of girls who embody the spirit of the original members and carry on their names.

The final day of the Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo consisted of one more Star Trek related panel and lots of lining up for photo ops, including one with an unannounced guest.

Day 2 of the Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo started with more Star Trek related panels and then the pain of trying to navigate the weekend crowds to get a photo op.

Selective Hearing's coverage of the Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo begins with registration, the first of many Star Trek panels and figuring out what else to do for the rest of the convention.

The Documentary of AKB48…. To Be Continued follows the popular female idol conglomerate throughout 2010 with concert, behind the scenes footage and one on one interview segments with the more popular members of the group.