There’s an ad currently airing in the US in which children imagine an island made of candy. On this island, waves from a soda pop ocean crash onto a beach of granulated sugar. A volcano spews hot fudge lava. The skulls of long-ago shipwrecked pirates consist of rock candy, and the bats and spiders are made of licorice. And if such an island existed, who would be performing cute sugary pop songs in its gingerbread theater? Kyary Pamyu Pamyu of course, wearing brightly colored cotton candy dresses with ribbon candy bows.

This DVD is a recap of Berryz Koubou's appearance and concert at Sakura-con 2011. I was very anxious to get a hold of this since I was actually there and wanted to compare my experiences with what was filmed on this disc and of course re-live the memories of my first Berryz concert as well.

July 3rd 2011 (hereby known as Scandal Day) was packed with many events dedicated to the band and it was capped off with an evening concert that brought the first annual AM2 convention to a close.