AKB48 Team 8

Anime Expo 2018 Interview – AKB48 Team 8

Selective Hearing had the opportunity to sit down with AKB48 Team 8 during Anime Expo to discuss their time in Los Angeles, their experiences as members of Team 8 and their goals for the future. […]


HYPER JAPAN Festival 2018 Interview – DEADLIFT LOLITA

DEADLIFT LOLITA made their UK debut at HYPER JAPAN Festival 2018 as the headliner act. Selective Hearing had the opportunity to sit down and chat with DEADLIFT LOLITA about the UK, their style and how the group continues to inspire its fans. […]


Interview with 2&

Selective Hearing had the opportunity to speak with Saki of 2& about music, performance style and the memories she created during her time in the UK as she embarked on the Black Winds Over Albion Tour. […]


Interview with NECRONOMIDOL

Selective Hearing had the opportunity to talk with NECRONOMIDOL before their upcoming UK concert about their music, their impression of their western fan base and what they are looking forward to in their travels. […]


J-Pop Summit 2017 Interview – BAND-MAID

BAND-MAID appeared at J-Pop Summit 2017 as one of the headlining acts of the event. The following is an interview with the band conducted on behalf of Nihongogo on the first day of J-Pop Summit. […]


Interview with URBANGARDE

URBANGARDE is a Japanese band active since 2002. Selective Hearing had the opportunity to chat with them about their new album Showa 90, the concept behind their music and videos and what they are currently listening to. […]