GAME was almost a damn near perfect album (IMO) and I was eagerly waiting for the release of Triangle. I wondered if it could at least match (& maybe surpass) the precedent that GAME had set.

Be The Voice are Junko Wada and Shunji Suzuki. Their sound is acoustic based but there are also traces of electronic and urban music influences in their music as well. Groundscape is their 6th album.

Emi Hinouchi is an R&B singer/songwriter who is probably best known for her collaborations with Heartsdales & m-flo.

I heard this song a while back but had to think about what I had to say about it. After all, I didn't really have much of a favorable review of their album. But not one to turn my back on a still relatively new group I figured I'd give them another chance.

It's been four years since a proper Do As Infinity song has been released. This time they return without involvement from long time composer Dai Nagao. Just how well did they fare without his influence?