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Release Date: March 22, 2017

Track Listing

  1. #hashdark
  2. Like it
  4. Iji easy
  5. Lunch time funk
  6. classic glasses
  7. Dattara show me
  8. Muko ni Oide
  9. Mekimeki more
  10. Chicken boom
  11. not not me

Review is a Japanese Electro/Hip-Hop duo consisting of MC Itsuka and DJ Gonchi. Their musical style features rapping over a constant dance beat and is inspired by everyday happenings in their day jobs as office workers and life after hours as musicians. Not not me is their third full-length studio album and their second major label release following up 2016’s Aidoro C.

Not not me features production from a variety of artists including Cibo Matto, ALIKICK, Hama Okamoto and Shacho from SOIL & PIMP SESSIONS. With the influx of other artists behind the boards’s sound remains very much the same from their previous efforts. Long-time fans need not worry that they are going too far off the reservation.

For those who are unfamiliar with this group the videos for the songs released from this album are fairly good indication of what type of music one should expect. There are the poppy dance floor friendly songs like #hashdark, YAJIUMA DANCE and chicken boom. If that isn’t your thing there are also Hip-Hop tracks such as Like it, iji easy and classic glasses that should appeal more to those who favor the old school sound of that particular genre.

Then there are songs that are just kind of in between both worlds or just veer off into their own universe like Muko ni Oide with its big band influences and not not me which sounds a lot like modern EDM that you would hear from acts like Major Lazer or The Chainsmokers.

Behind the gloss of their music is the skilled expressive delivery by MC Istuka and lyrical content that contains social commentary served with small hints of sarcasm and attitude. And that is what makes this album (and their music overall) rather appealing.

In the end Not not me may not be a sonic assault like their debut (2014’s DIStopping) or as musically consistent as’s first two major label offerings (OLest and Aidoro C), yet it is still a very solid and enjoyable listen that is worth investing your time in.

Not not me


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