Check out vibrant footage of pre-pandemic Japan in the new video for AmPm’s dance smash, ‘Tokyo’


Masked Japanese production duo AmPm has built a global audience since the March 2017 release of their debut track ‘Best Part Of Us feat. Michael Kaneko’. They have unveiled a striking new video for their recently released song, ‘Tokyo.’

Until now, AmPm has worked with famous guest vocalists from all over the world. But for ‘Tokyo,’ they have crafted an instrumental house track that leans on the dance music that makes up their roots, designed as a homage to their bustling home city. Combining elements of tech house and deep house with the duo’s unmistakably Eastern style, this track shows a new side to AmPm.

The video for ‘Tokyo’ is made up of vibrant footage from areas all around the city, matched deftly to the music. It’s a vision of Tokyo that is unique to AmPm, who call the city their home, and it offers a positive image of a place where past and future collide.

Message from AmPm

This video is made up of footage that we have been collecting for quite some time. We didn’t have any particular plan for how it would be used when we shot it, so we’re happy that we could release it with our new track in this way. Looking at the footage now, it seems so long ago; it’s a strange feeling to see the streets so crowded and so many people without masks.

Tokyo is a city where a wide variety of people are thrown together in a wide variety of environments, and the word ‘Tokyo’ means something different to each of us. Does the Tokyo you see in the video make you wish you could revisit those times? Or does it make you hopeful for future change? We hope you can imagine your version of Tokyo as you listen to this track.

AmPm is also currently selling their previously unreleased song ‘Intro’ as a limited NFT, with an auction that runs until March 30. Only one copy of the track will be available, which will be sold to the highest bidder on the special auction site, and only the new owner will be able to listen to it. This marks the first time a Japanese music artist has sold an NFT, so look out for ‘Tokyo’ in the real world and ‘Intro’ in the virtual one!

Release information

Sushi Muzik 08 V2

Title: ‘Tokyo’
Release date: March 19, 2021

For Asia:

Title: ‘Intro’

NFT auction from March 19, 2021 Only one NFT file available!

Auction begins March 19, 2021, at 00:00 JST, and ends March 30, 2021, at 23:59 JST.

Auction site:
Special site (Japanese text only):

CryptoGames Inc Twitter account:

About AmPm

AmPm is a masked production duo from Japan who made a significant global impact with their March 2017 debut track, ‘Best Part of Us.’ The same year, they were the only Japanese artist to perform at Spotify On Stage, a festival in Indonesia hosted by Spotify. In 2018, they dominated stages worldwide, from Ultra Miami to shows in Korea and Japan, and even a headline concert in New York.

In addition to releasing their original music, AmPm has remixed tracks by famous overseas artists such as Afrojack, R3HAB and Nicky Romero, along with remixes for renowned Japanese artists like Gesu no Kiwami Otome (‘Black Parade’) and MONKEY MAJIK (‘Tokyo Lights’), and production for Ken Hirai’s track ‘Holic.’

Collaborating with a plethora of dance-music vocalists, they have released more than 20 tracks to date. In March 2019, they were recognized at the Digital Contents of the Year 2018 / 24th AMD Award, winning the Special Jury Award. In June 2019, they produced V6’s ‘All For You.’ Today AmPm is one of Japan’s most in-demand music production exports, with fans among artists and music lovers alike.

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About NFTs (non-fungible tokens)

NFT is a one-of-a-kind digital token that certifies a file as being completely unique. Introduced in 2018, the NFT format utilizes blockchain technology to create a digital file that cannot be copied but can be freely enjoyed by the owner.

NFTs are currently mainly used for blockchain-enabled videogames and crypto art, but the format is expected to become more widely used in future as more and more products become digitized. In the art world, sales of NFT works exceeding hundreds of thousands of dollars have become a hot topic overseas this year, making it a trend that is attracting widespread attention.