Chelsy – I Miss You Review

Chelsy I Miss You Cover

Release Date: September 2, 2015

Track Listing

Regular Edition A

  1. I miss you
  2. Change My Life
  3. I miss you –TV MIX-
  4. Change My Live –TV MIX-

Regular Edition B

  1. I miss you
  2. I’m in love
  3. I miss you –TV MIX-
  4. I’m in love –TV MIX-


I miss you is the fourth single released by pop rock trio Chelsy. The first two songs in this package are simple, acoustic guitar driven tracks. Both have a light and airy feeling to them, but are not exactly what I would call remarkable.

They are pleasant enough and of the two I believe the a-side I miss you may leave more of a lasting impact with listeners due to it being similar in structure and sound to early Do As Infinity songs, albeit somewhat more raw and unpolished in comparison.

The b-side on the B version of the single (I’m in love) is the one track that is of interest. It adds a wee bit of an edge compared to the other songs and can be considered a change of pace from the mellowness. It may be a direction this band may want to consider exploring in the future.

In the end I miss you and its associated b-sides probably won’t be blowing anyone’s minds. It will however, be enough for those who don’t mind their pop rock on to be on the modest side.

I miss you (Limited Edition A)


I miss you (Limited Edition B)


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