Chelsy – SistAr Review

Chelsy SistAr

Release Date: May 27, 2015

Track Listing

  1. SistAr
  2. Organ [Type A]
  3. I Will (Acoustic Version) [Type B]
  4. Happy End
  5. SistAr – TV Mix –
  6. Happy End –TV Mix-
  7. Organ –TV Mix- [Type A]
  8. I Will (Acoustic Version) –TV Mix- [Type B]


Chelsy is a three-piece Japanese pop rock band formed in 2011. Their membership consists of Mio (vocals and guitar), Shizuka (bass) and Ami (drums). They are most well-known for their song I Will which was used in the Ao Haru Ride anime series.

SistAr is the group’s fourth single release and it comes in 3 different versions, each with a different b-side. The tone of a-side is light, upbeat pop rock that makes it a perfect fit for the summer season.

The b-sides Happy End and Organ follow suit leaving an imprint of catchiness that is sure to get stuck in your head if you allow it. Granted this is not all mind-blowing material but it does make for something good for quick hit of pop fun.

The most interesting track in this package of single is the acoustic version of their first single I Will. As implied it is a stripped down version of the original that depends on more organic instruments and sounds. It’s fairly relaxing and a change of pace from the other songs.

Overall an enjoyable single package that should be of interest to those that enjoy female pop rock acts or just good pop tunes.

SistAr (Regular Edition)


SistAr (Type A)


SistAr (Type B)


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