Chemistry – Face To Face

Face to Face / CHEMISTRY

Release Date: January 30, 2008

Track Listing

  1. – overture –
  2. Sora no Kiseki
  3. Kimi no Kisu
  4. This Night
  5. Suna no Tobira
  6. Yakusoku no Basho
  7. Kagayaku Yoru (supported by Monkey  Majik)
  8. Hold On
  9. Ai no Wa
  10. Daydream
  11. Tookage (feat. John Legend)
  12. Deep Inside Of You
  13. Saigo no Kawa
  14. Kokoro to Kotoba


Chemistry are Yoshikuni Douchin and Kaname Kawabata.  They are a Pop/R&B duo formed in 2000 via Sony Music Entertainment’s Asayan Audition.  To date they have released 10 albums, Face to Face is their 9th.

I first heard of Chemistry back in 2007 when I was hanging out in my hotel at the Hilton Tokyo after a long day of doing touristy stuff.  I had MTV Japan switched on and they had some sort of special going on at the time I tuned in.  Even though they sang purely ballads their performances were enough to keep me interested.

I kind of forgot about them after  but during my searches for some quality Japanese R&B their name kept popping up.  I figured why not give them a go?  Before this, the only other male vocal R&B group I’ve listened to was EXILE.  I can say the Chemistry shares some similarities with that group but for the most part they’re more on the smoother side of the R&B.

Going into this I was expecting a sappy  ballad fest but the majority of this album contained up tempo tracks.  Some clubby, some more contemporary but all good.  The collaboration tracks are the ones I found the most interesting.  Although you don’t hear either Monkey Majik (Kagayaku Yoru) or John Legend (Tookage) on their respective songs you can definitely feel their influence on them.

The only sore spot on the album was at the end where it kind of hits sappy ballad territory. Saigo no Kawa was about 2 minutes too long for me, but the vocals were nice. Kokoro no Kotoba was also nice, but was just okay compared to some of the other songs at the beginning of the disc.

Overall some great R&B.

Face to Face (Japan Version)

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