Coin Jackson – Beginning

Coin Jackson Beginning

Track Listing

  1. Feedback (MV Version)
  2. Rumor
  3. Feedback (Album Version)


Coin Jackson is a new 6 member female group out of South Korea. The members have some interesting names such as Milk and Silverlight (for the record the complete roster is Maxi, Mari, Cora, Jihoo, Silverlight and Milk) and unlike a lot of current groups they are firmly entrenched in the Urban genre opting for Hip-Hop over Electro Pop.

Beginning contains their lead single Feedback in 2 forms. The beats on this track are of the loud and booming club banging style that would give many bass bins a healthy workout. The only difference between the two versions I can hear are during the break sections where there are slight changes in the arrangement.

The b-side Rumor is a contrast to the hardness of Feedback. It does sound like current typical K-Pop but I won’t knock too many points off for that. For the most part it was more R&B and it showed that these women can really belt out a song. I found Rumor to be the better of the two songs on this package.

This is a great debut. Coin Jackson has some promise and may be capable of holding their own against the stiff competition in the already overcrowded female group pool.

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