Color – Black ~A Night For You~

BLACK -A night for you- / COLOR

Release Date: July 30, 2008

Track Listing

  1. Mic Check Intro
  2. Night For You
  3. Midnight Call
  4. X-GIRL
  5. Buddy feat. J Soul Brothers
  6. Call My Name
  7. Night Interlude
  8. Just A Little Bit
  9. What About Us Part 2
  10. S.S.D. feat. TO-C (Warp Generation)
  11. Ain’t So Easy
  12. Share Wit Me
  13. 24 karats -type C- feat. DOBERMAN INC


Color is a group that is a side project of EXILE singer ATSUSHI.  To date they have released 4 albums, each named after a color.  Black ~A Night For You~ is their 3rd.  Seeing how this group is affiliated with EXILE you can take a guess at how the songs on this album may sound.

In a way COLOR are more like the J-Soul Brothers than EXILE.  Especially when it comes to their uptempo songs.  You could probably place a J-Soul Brothers vocal over those beats & no one would even notice the difference.  Not to say that’s bad, it’s just kind of cookie-cutter type production that kind of make some of those tracks sound a bit like watered down R&B.

For example there is My Buddy, I never liked it on the J-Soul brothers disc & don’t really dig it here either.  Can someone explain why 24 karats has to be recycled on any EXILE Entertainment group album?  Enough already, please retire the song.

With those small complaints out of the way I can say it isn’t all bad.  Midnight Call & X-GIRL do make up for the lack of inspiration in the up tempo productions with their bouncy, summer jam kind of feeling.  Unfortunately there aren’t much more like them to be found.

What this group excels at are lower tempo grooves & ballads.  In that respect they remind me a lot of Jodeci.  I think  the members have the vocal chops that fit those less intense type of songs.  The best examples of this being the acapella A Night For You, Call My Name and Just A Little.

The strongest of the pack being Call My Name.  That is a fine example of an R&B ballad being done right. No silly over singing (a.k.a. vocal gymnastics), no unncessary rapper or anything that would spoil the song.  Just some straight up heart felt vocals that effectively convey the emotion of the song.

Overall I found this to be a decent, somewhat unbalanced listen.  The lower tempo tracks really saved this from getting a fail.  If there were less recycled and/or uninspired uptempo tracks I would have a higher opinion of this album.  Still, it’s worth taking a look at if you’re an R&B lover.

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