Color – Blue ~Tears From The Sky~

Blue -Tears from the sky- / COLOR

Release Date: Janurary 23, 2008

Track Listing

  1. You Are
  2. Blue Sky
  3. Aoi Tori
  4. Make It Hot
  5. Kimi no Inai Michi
  6. I’m Thinkin’ Bout U
  7. Since You Went Away feat. ATSUSHI
  8. End Of The Road
  9. Namida ga Ochi nai You ni
  10. For You ~Blue Tears~
  11. Baby Girl
  12. Lost Moments ~Okiwasureta Jikan~
  13. If I…
  14. Namida ga Ochi nai You ni (Acoustic Version)


This is COLOR’s 2nd album. Unlike BLACK ~A Night For You~ this album is full of songs that cater more to the groups strong vocal abilities.  Therefore there are many ballads present along with the occasional mid-tempo jam to break things up.  Normally I would consider an album dominated by ballads to be tough to sit through in one listen but this one is an exception.  I sensed a strong 90’s male R&B vocal group influence throughout this album.  Having been raised on that kind of music I honestly could not find much wrong with this album.

The best tracks happen to be ballads (which shouldn’t be surprising).  My favorites are Since You Went Away feat. ATSUSHI & the cover of Boyz II Men’s End Of The Road.  Since You Went Away is a smooth track sung entirely in English, and not heavily accented English either.  But something similar to what you would hear from a native English speaker.  With that said  I love the vocals on this song & the addition of ATSUSHI just makes this song even better.

End Of The Road was a short acapella version that was sweet while it lasted.  I would have liked if they did the entire song as it would have been interesting to see if they could pull it off.  Just a small complaint really, nothing major.   The other track to make note of is If I… (another track sung entirely in English).  It’s a sweet mid-tempo jam that proves that not all contemporary R&B has to have a rapper or a Hip-Hop crossover beat to make it hot.

This is definitely for those who like their R&B on the smoother side.  Highly recommended listening.

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