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My LIttle Pony Haterade

On Idolminded Chiima wrote a piece for the Idol Thought For The Day entitled How Far Do You Go Before You Become A Hater?

I believe I tackled this term in a previous article so if you want to know what I think defines a hater read that.  The question at hand is where is the line drawn?  When do you go from being a critic to one who is drinking the so-called Haterade?

Unfortunately there is not a truly defined hard line that one has to cross before they get into hater territory.  It ultimately depends on whom you are talking to and what their personal threshold for the harsh truth is.

Let’s face it; many hardcore idol fans don’t exactly have the greatest sense of humor.  Even though they may normally be reasonable people when it comes to other subjects, they are not the easiest to get along with when it comes to pointing out the obvious faults of their precious idols.

It only takes one innocent comment to set someone off on a tirade you never asked for.

Stick around this fan culture long enough and you learn to step carefully around or avoid certain kinds of people.  While that doesn’t exactly encourage the sense of community that is touted across the board it’s the only way you can truly survive the unnecessary drama that is embedded within it.

I can only speak from my own experience within the western fandom since I really only know a few Japanese wota, but if you ever want to see the definition of butthurt then step up to a non-Japanese or western wota and start debunking everything they believe in.

Now I don’t mean to lump EVERYONE into this group of over sensitive cry babies but let’s face facts, some of you out there take this idol business way too seriously for your own good making the rest us “normal” fans look bad in the process. This is something I have stated numerous times.

When it comes to the whole hater label you have a choice as to whether you let it bother you or not.  It isn’t necessarily a bad thing to have a differing opinion is it?  So what if someone disagrees?  Those who can’t form a mature rebuttal are the only ones who will pull out the H-bomb so forget about them.

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