Crystal Kay feat. Namie Amuro – REVOLUTION Review

Revolution Cover

Release Date: September 16, 2015

Track Listing

  2. Shooting Star
  3. hard to say (MSG Version)
  4. REVOLUTION (PKCZ Remix feat. SWAY)
  5. REVOLUTION (Instrumental)


REVOLUTION is Crystal Kay’s 31st single (5th release under Universal Music Japan) and features a collaboration with Namie Amuro. The song is an uplifting piece of dance music that tends to lean closer to the current type of material that Amuro has been releasing than what Crystal Kay has offered so far in 2015 before this single. The PKCZ remix adds a bit of a club edge to the song and whether this a great adaptation or not is going to be very subjective. I prefer the original version of the song myself.

The other song included on this single is a remix of Crystal Kay’s 2002 single hard to say. The original is about as straight up R&B as one can get. The MSG version takes it into mid-tempo dance pop territory, adding light touches of dancehall styled beats as well. It’s a refreshing rework of one of Crystal Kay’s early popular songs. I’m not quite sure of this, but it does sound like the vocals were re-recorded to fit this version. I could be completely wrong of course.

REVOLUTION is an interesting collaboration between two of the more recognizable voices in Japanese Urban music and for fans of both artists this is probably like one of those dream pairings come true. Granted this probably isn’t as momentous as the hype machine makes things like this out to be but it will certainly satisfy those who enjoy the works of either Crystal Kay and/or Namie Amuro.

REVOLUTION (Regular Edition)


REVOLUTION (Limited Edition)


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