CY8ER – Rhythmic Start Review

CY8ER Rhythmic Start

Release Date: March 18, 2017

Track Listing

  1. Rhythmic Start
  2. Yubikiri
  3. Rhythmic Start (Instrumental)
  4. Yubikiri (Instrumental)


CY8ER (formerly known as BPM15Q) are a self-produced vocal and DJ idol unit started by former original BiS member Ichigo Rinahamu and Nicamoq. Rhythmic Start is their first single of release of 2017.

It is also the first single to feature the group’s new lineup after the departure of Nicamoq in late 2016 with the addition of two new members including former Iketeru Hearts and DEEP GIRL member Suzukawa Masahiro. In their first incarnation BPM15Q could be thought of something of an anomaly when it comes to idol groups. They managed to successfully take a myriad of electronic music influences and fuse them seamlessly with idol pop sensibilities.

In short, they didn’t make watered down musical mockeries of genres that are not normally associated with idols. As the rechristened CY8ER they continue to release the same high quality material as before.

Their brand of music however, is probably not for those whose hearts are firmly entrenched in more “radio friendly” or syrupy idol sounds. But if you are one who doesn’t mind going a little off the beaten path you will find that Rhythmic Start and Yubikiri are pretty damn good tracks that bear striking similarities to material from Taku Takahashi, tofubeats and TeddyLoid.

Should that be your type of groove then you may find this group to be of interest, especially if you are looking for something outside of the normal confines of idol music.

Rhythmic Start

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