Cyberpunk collides with hyper pop on Tokyo’s deserted streets in the new FEMM music video ‘Tic Toc’

Cyberpunk collides with hyper pop on Tokyo’s deserted streets in the new FEMM music video ‘Tic Toc,’ directed by visionary photographer Liam Wong.


FEMM released the new single ‘Tic Toc,’ produced in collaboration with trending R&B singer Vedo, whose hit track ‘You Got It’ was recently certified Gold. The release of ‘Tic Toc’ is accompanied by a music video directed by visionary photographer Liam Wong.

The mannequin duo has been a pioneer of Japan’s female rap scene since their 2014 album ‘Femm-Isation’ blew up globally and entered the US Billboard World Albums Top 10 chart. The new release comes hot on the heels of their November EP release, ‘404 Not Found’.

The lyrics to ‘Tic Toc’ were written by the members of FEMM and tell of their desire to return to the live stage, where one fleeting night together with their fans can create an eternal moment. The lyrics draw on FEMM’s experience touring in the United States, Britain, Italy, Indonesia, Switzerland, Denmark, Germany, China and Taiwan. As the world continues to face unprecedented anxiety that even the festive season cannot wholly alleviate, this emotional R&B/hip-hop track speaks to the need for the connection we all feel right now.

The beautifully shot music video for ‘Tic Toc’ shows the members of FEMM in the deserted nighttime streets of Tokyo in 2020, which is the year following the events of cyberpunk masterpieces’ Blade Runner’ and ‘Akira,’ both of which were made in the 1980s but set in 2019 and envisioned a near-future world that echoes where we are today.

The video was directed by Liam Wong, who is a trailblazer of real-world cyberpunk-style photography. Wong is a globally renowned game designer who worked on the ‘Assassin’s Creed’ and ‘Far Cry’ series and an art director and photographer selected as part of the ’30 Under 30′ list of influential people in American publication Forbes.

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Wong’s work draws on the essential elements of the cyberpunk visual design philosophy set out in movies like ‘Blade Runner,’ a style that is currently enjoying a worldwide resurgence online fuelled by visual art and video games, with artists sharing photographs and illustrations of nighttime city scenes bathed in blue, purple and pink neon. Wong posts his photos of decadent and emotive night views of huge cities such as Tokyo on his Instagram account, while his photo book ‘TO:KY:OO’ received praise from revered ‘Blade Runner’ concept designer Syd Mead and esteemed ‘Metal Gear’ game series creator Hideo Kojima.

The ‘Tic Toc’ video was filmed by Wong in February 2020 during a visit to Tokyo, around the time the outbreak of COVID-19 was beginning to reach Japan. Like a scene from a science-fiction movie, the video shows the overwhelming visual beauty of a seemingly near-future Tokyo, with only the two sentient mannequins of FEMM on the otherwise empty streets. The neon lights shining brightly in a deserted city devoid of human life is a surprisingly prescient image, as though predicting the socially distanced streets of the pandemic that would follow.

The lyrics to ‘Tic Toc’ contain a line that can be translated as “Nothing stays as it is forever” – but the refrain “Goodbye” that follows is not necessarily pessimistic in spirit. The line recognizes that sometimes we need to break apart to move on; time comes to all of us equally, and everything is finite. It’s sad when something good comes to an end, but an ending is sometimes welcome under challenging times like these. As the sound of the second’s hand of a clock plays out underneath the track, this reminder that nothing lasts forever brings hope for the future.

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Artist: FEMM
New single: ‘Tic Toc’
Release date: December 25, 2020
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FEMM’s latest EP, ‘404 Not Found’ is on sale now!

A compelling blend of hyper-pop and dark industrial sounds, featuring leading trackmakers such as DaBaby/Lil Uzi Vert collaborator Star Boy, CHARLI XCX/Rina Sawayama cohort Danny L Harle, and Japanese artists HABANERO POSSE and KM.

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FEMM profile

As a girls’ anthem with a darkly humorous message, mannequin rap duo FEMM’s acclaimed song ‘Fxxk Boyz Get Money’ found an audience with teens and influencers in the United States, quickly spreading around Europe, South America and Asia. Before long, FEMM fans – known as “agents” – were everywhere around the world. FEMM’s debut album ‘Femm-Isation’ brought Japanese female rap to a whole new audience, reaching the Top 10 of Billboard’s World Albums chart in the US.

In November 2020, FEMM released their long-awaited new six-track EP ‘404 Not Found’; the title, named for the error message encountered when trying to access a nonexistent web page, references FEMM’s music that evokes “a brand-new world that has never before existed.” FEMM attracts widespread attention from domestic and foreign media and agents alike with their aggressive musicality, dark worldview, and forward-thinking hyper pop sound.


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