Daishi Dance – Melodies Melodies


Release Date: December 3, 2007

Track Listing

  1. Home feat. Coldfeet
  2. Prologue Of Life feat. Arvin Homa Aya
  3. Music Life In Forest
  4. From Japan To Japan
  5. I Believe feat. Kat McDowell
  6. Soul Roots
  7. Love & Harmony feat. Roland Clark
  8. Moonrise Moonset feat. Chieko Kinbara
  9. Winter Night Melodies feat. Coldfeet
  10. Shine & Bright
  11. Love Trust Believe feat. Lori Fine


Daishi Dance is a House DJ based out of Sapporo, Japan and Melodies Melodies is his 2nd album. His songs feature various vocalists and mostly convey feelings of harmony and love.

For those looking for mainstream, cheesed up House/Pop remixes (i.e. House Nation compilations) this is not the album for you. Many of the songs on this album are similar to what you would hear from DJ Kawasaki or Studio Apartment.

Long, well thought out dance tracks that would not sound out of place within Deep or Funky House sets. Which for me made this an incredibly enjoyable listening experience. After all, I do happen to play this kind of music on a regular basis in my DJ sets so perhaps I am a little biased. =)

But there is is a lot on this album to enjoy, even if you’re not completely immersed into the whole House music scene. The songs with vocals are the most accessible and are the best examples of what this particular sub-genre of House has to offer.

The most stellar tracks being Love & Harmony feat. Roland Clark and Winter Night Melodies feat. Coldfeet. Both are funky, up tempo numbers that have very strong vocal performances accompanying them.

Normally I find albums from House DJs to be hit or miss. Sometimes they drag on forever or just don’t have much to offer outside of the single tracks. But this is an exception to that. I found this to be an exceptional bit of House music goodness.

Melodies Melodies (Japan Version)

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