Dal Shabet – Bling Bling

Dal Shabet Bling Bling

Release Date: August 15, 2011

Track Listing

  1. Beep
  2. Bling Bling
  3. Dream In U
  4. Moon Light
  5. Bling Bling (Instrumental)


Dal Shabet’s 3rd mini-album comes a short four months after Pink Rocket and it features the lead single Bling Bling. This only contains 3 new songs (Beep is an intro and the last track is an instrumental of Bling Bling) and much like Pink Rocket this is more like a glorified single than an actual mini-album.

The lead and title track is nothing special. It’s fairly typical of any modern girl group K-Pop song so if you’ve heard anything by any of the millions of similar sounding girl groups out there you know exactly what to expect. The same can be said of Moonlight. I can say that at least Bling Bling is somewhat tolerable.

Dream In U on the other hand is also typical of girl group K-Pop but at least it sounds better. Perhaps it’s because I prefer the sweeter, sugary side of Dal Shabet that this works for me. It’s very similar to a KARA type song so that could also be another reason why it seems to be the strongest track on this mini-album.

Um… Well much like Pink Rocket this was just alright. I find this group to be kind of hit or miss but there’s potential to break the glass ceiling of upper tier girl groups if they can pick better material.

That of course is the idealist in me talking. This will probably sell a lot based on the crazy fan girl factor and we’ll get more half-assed mini-albums. I seriously hope not as I really do like this group.

Bling Bling

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