Dal Shabet – Pink Rocket

Dal Shabet Pink Rocket

Release Date: April 18, 2011

Track Listing

  1. Shakalaka
  2. Pink Rocket
  3. Just Stop
  4. Rollin Fallin
  5. Pink Rocket (Instrumental)


Dal Shabet is another of the many female groups popping out of South Korea. Created by producer E-Tribe, they burst on to the K-Pop scene with their fist mini-album Supa Dupa Diva and its associated title track early in 2011. Pink Rocket is their 2nd mini-album that hopes to capitalize on their initial success.

With only 4 tracks to absorb (1 is an instrumental version of Pink Rocket) this EP is a fairly quick listen. The first 2 tracks are the strongest on this package with the bottom 2 being slightly less enjoyable. Although Pink Rocket is considered the lead single from this EP I consider the Janet Jackson-like Shakalaka the better song.

It just has that booming Urban club kind of sound that South Korean producers have borrowed and tweaked to an entirely different style from their American influences. In comparison, Pink Rocket is rather by the numbers K-Pop yet still rather catchy. As I mentioned, the ending 2 songs aren’t that great but I can see how they can appeal to certain people.

This was alright. Perhaps this would have been better as just a single with the first 2 tracks as the main attractions.

Pink Rocket

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