De De Mouse – Dream You Up Review

De De Mouse dream you up CD Cover

Release Date: April 12, 2017

Track Listing

  1. get you back
  2. face to face
  3. bent
  4. dream you up
  5. chase after chase
  6. rock you up
  7. as you like it
  8. flesh!+blood
  9. whimsy love
  10. hand on your hand
  11. pump it up (feat.Anamanaguchi from NY)


DE DE MOUSE is an electronic music DJ who mixes a variety of genres and production techniques to create an eclectic sound characterized by housey beats, infectious synth melodies and gentle nods to chiptune music.

His sixth studio album Dream You Up can be summed up as a hyped up journey into some dance music insanity. That basically means you are going to have your speakers working some overtime as you listen to this.

While there are some traces of vocals through some creative sampling there aren’t any songs that have fully fleshed out verses and such. Much of the music on Dream You Up is pure instrumentals driven by layers of synths and samples working harmoniously to create an engaging listening experience.

The first half of the album contains more of the pop sounding tracks. The ones to take an immediate listen to are Get You Back, Face to Face and the album’s title track. Other songs to consider as you get deeper in are Chase After Chase and Whimsy Love.

To some this entire album might sound like some sort of endless pounding with weird electronic noises going all over the place at a high rate of speed. And that is actually a very apt way to describe it. Those who are more akin to other electronic music artists (such as 80KIDZ, Boom Boom Satellites) or 90’s rave music (i.e. Utah Saints, LA Style) may find much to enjoy on Dream You Up.

Casual listeners or folks who only know what their local radio or music video station tells them is “good” EDM/dance music may think more along the lines of the whole noise statement above. Regardless, it is recommended you at least try to give this album a quick spin and see if something catches your ear.

Dream You Up

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