Death Rabbits – Dai Niji Usagi Taisen Review


Release Date: June 1, 2016

Track Listing

  1. お洒落キャパ部長と歪み
  2. なんで?
  3. うさびのきもち
  4. 怪獣ANPONTAN2
  5. ホニャラカンパニー
  6. By Your Side
  7. アキラズブートキャンプ
  8. うさぎストリーム2
  9. 日本たまご協会非公式ソング
  10. 中二の夏。おじさんの夏。
  11. 本当の世界中にありがとう
  12. うちゅちゅ


Dai Niji Usagi Taisen is the second studio album from Death Rabbits. It features their 2015 singles Usagi no Kimochi/Chuu no Natsu. Ojisan no Natsu and Nande.

Released two years after their debut album Dai Niji Usagi Taisen continues the group’s take on the Kawaii Metal trend. In that sense it’s very similar to their debut album with the blend of cute idol vocals and male metal vocals and the occasional rapping. With all that said probably give the two singles, Honyara Company, By Your Side and Usagi Story 2 a quick listen to see if anything catches your ear.

When you go beyond the surface of the songs you will find that that the singing from the girls has improved. They’re not as rough around the edges as when they first arrived on the scene. Akira’s contributions are probably going to be hit or miss depending on your liking for screaming.

Sound wise Death Rabbits are not bashing you over the head with hard rocking, head banging Metal anthems. This is pretty much a pop oriented album for majority of its running time. It’s actually unfair to compare this group to BABYMETAL. If anything they are much more similar to LADYBABY. So if that’s your Kawaii Metal bag, then this is for you.

Dai Niji Usagi Taisen


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