DEEP GIRL – I Kill Review

Please be aware that the video linked within this review includes themes of a graphic nature that are disturbing, and could disrupt the viewer in some way. If you are sensitive to subjects such as extreme bullying and self harm, please do not watch the video included. Thank you.






Release Date: February 17th, 2016

Track List:

1. I Kill
3. Invation


Still early in their career and already causing a stir amongst fans, DEEP GIRL, a rock-Idol unit from Japan, have released their second single, I Kill. A graphic and disturbing piece, I Kill is a single that is themed around bullying and the consequences it can have towards the victim, whilst also serving as a song that aims to become a piece of salvation towards victims who hear it.

With a powerful title song in both sound and image, I Kill delivers a message that one would not typically find in Japanese music. or at least, a topic that is very hard to sing about and show on screen. Heavy and dark in its tone, I Kill features the use of spoken verse, incoherent screams, as well as regular singing to create a passionate yet emotional piece. Its tone is haunting and disruptive to the listener, yet it is these very characteristics that allows you to understand the song and its serious tone, ultimately getting the message across.

STEREO, on the other hand, has a more upbeat nature and is enjoyable to listen to, though not as memorable as what I Kill is. Still, STEREO is an energetic, almost cheerful song that delivers the listener a break from I Kill’s malicious tone, whilst still enjoying the rock tones the group has.

The final track, Invation, was a pleasant surprise, being the the only track that is a prelude. Short yet memorable, Invation is a dark and heady piece that is exhilarating in sound. It feels like this track will be played during concerts as an opener or to end a live show. Either way, it was fun to listen to, and ended the single beautifully, allowing I Kill to feel final and complete.

Overall, I Kill is a solid single that encompasses an important message for everyone who hears it. It’s a great listen if you do ever dare to have a go, and a great second release from what seems to be a pretty skilled Idol group. It is a promising release, one that will keep you on edge and craving for more from the Idol-rock unit DEEP GIRL.

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