– New Single Release and Japan Expo USA appearance

Akihabara’s has a pretty busy schedule for these late Summer and Fall seasons, which started in mid-July with their digital single “Not Bocchi…Natsu” being released on iTunes and the PV being released on YouTube in early August. Shortly after, they appeared at France’s Japan Expo convention, marking their first overseas appearance since their debut. Towards the middle of August, it was eventually announced that “Not Bocchi…Natsu” would actually be the b-side to their upcoming single release, “W.W.D. II” which is set for physical release on October 2nd.

“W.W.D II” is a “sequel” song to their early 2013 single “W.W.D.” which told the story of the group from it’s inception and laid out their plans for world domination in the near future and was one of their many creative collaborations with virtuoso producer Maeyamada Kenichi (or Hyadain, as he’s more popularly known.) “W.W.D. II” was just released as an iTunes digital single on August 20th; a month and a half before the physical release. “W.W.D. II” can be found on iTunes here and “Not Bocchi…Natsu” can be found here.

Here’s the PV for “Not Bocchi Natsu” featuring the trademark energetic Dempagumi style with some really…strange swimsuits.

They also released some stunning new promo images for the release of “W.W.D. II” which can be seen below:



And, probably the biggest news of all, is also making their first US appearance at this year’s Japan Expo USA “1st Impact,” where they’ll be performing multiple live shows, holding panels, and having meet & greet sessions with fans. Head over to Japan Expo USA this August in Santa Clara, CA if you’re interested in anime or Japanese culture in general, and there are tons of acts to enjoy with dozens of popular guests from the Japanese culture entertainment industry.

Even with all these activities, Dempagumi still never stops doing their frequent live shows and promotional appearances in Japan; jam-packing these appearances into their schedules almost every day. This year has already turned out to be far more than I could’ve ever expected from the group and I can’t wait to see how much more can be accomplished in the remaining months of this year or over the course of next year.

If you haven’t checked out yet, do yourself a favor and check out some of their songs or their appearances when they come to a country near you. Their YouTube channel has almost all of their full PVs to enjoy and get a great introduction to what they do.

For more info on Japan Expo USA and Dempa’s appearances there, you can see my full pre-con coverage here or get your tickets for the event at

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