DiVA – Lost The Way

Lost The Way Type C

Release Date: March 21, 2012

Track Listing

  1. Lost The Way
  2. Kanashimi no Mirage (Type A)
  3. Stargazer – 2012 Here I Am Cuz Of U – (Type B)
  4. Kimi wa Pegasus (Type C)
  5. Lost The Way (Instrumental)
  6. Stargazer – 2012 Here I Am Cuz Of U (Instrumental)
  7. Kimi wa Pegasus (Instrumental)
  8. Kanashimi no Mirage (Instrumental)


AKB48’s sub-unit DiVA’s third single Lost The Way was the theme song for the Ultraman Saga movie and the last for Masuda Yuka as a member of the group. Seeing that they are signed to avex trax the sound of Lost The Way and its b-sides fit right in line with the stuck in the 90’s production style that most AVEX affiliated labels are known for.

That doesn’t mean that this should be instantly considered a throw away song. In this case the fact that this group doesn’t sound like the typical AKB idol unit is a good thing. Given that perhaps 3/4’s of the vocalists in this group are firmly entrenched in the “that bitch can sing” category, slightly more challenging material is a step up from the norm.

The two strongest songs on the 3 versions (okay 4 if you count the theater version) that make up this single package are the title track and the Masuda Yuka solo song Stargazer -2012 Here I Am Cuz Of U-. Both are high energy workouts that certainly are worthy of your attention.

The Masuda Yuka track by itself is strong enough to be a single and does justify the name of this group as she does go all diva everywhere on the song. I’m not sure any of the other members would be able to handle this except for maybe Akimoto Sayaka. Then again, maybe Filpino Diva Time dramatics would have been a little overboard so let’s not dwell on that thought.

The other b-sides are okay. Team K fans may recognize Kimi wa Pegasus and cry a tear of joy but I found the other two coupling songs rather blah overall. They’re not awful but I just wasn’t feeling them as strongly.

With the withdrawal of Masuda from the group (damn you ISSA!!!) it’s unknown whether DiVA will continue on as a 9 member unit or just fade out (hahah.. get it?) with this as their swan song.

They are a rather unique sub-unit within the AKB fold and it would be a shame to just leave them in limbo or have them disband. Until something other than member departures is announced for them, give this a go and hope that their run isn’t cut short.

Lost The Way (Type A)

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Lost The Way (Type B)

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Lost The Way (Type C)

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